Something That Makes Me Grateful

H E L L O   A G A I N   E V E R Y O N E !

Do you surprise why I comeback earlier than usual? Hehehe 😄
This is because I miss you guys 😊💖 Hope you miss me like I miss you too.
So today I will post something about my grateful story. For me, it's not just a story, 'cause my story makes me feel that I have everyone that love me more than I think.
And, let's read my story! Hope you enjoy it guys!👌
This is my story when I'm still a 7th grader in 12 Junior High School. That day, I have some task that must be printed and have to be collected in that day too. My house is about one kilometers to my school, so I think I can did my task at dawn without worrying I can be late or not.Honestly, that was a bad thought that I make.I did my task at dawn, but the task is not finished until 6.20 AM. I was so panic because of my task didn't finish at that time and I haven't took a bath yet. Plus I can't print out my task 'cause my printer was broke.I always went to the school …

Someone in School

H E L L O  E V E R Y O N E !

Back again withME! ✌

How are you? 
I hope you're fine like me too! ♡♡♡

So, today I will post something new in my blog. It's about dialogue between me and my new friend.

Are you curious?

So, don't waste your time and let's see my conversation with my new friend!

Today is my first day in my new classroom. I really don't know anybody here and I was so awkward. Then, I met someone when I'm about to enter my classroom and I tried to greet her.
Mahya     : "Hello! My name is Mahya. What's your name?"

Fathia      : "Hi, Mahya! My name is Fathia, nice to meet you!"

Mahya     : "Nice to meet you too, Fathia!"

Fathia      : "What class are you?"

Mahya     : "I'm X MIPA 6. How about you?"

Fathia      : "Whoa! We are in the same class!"

Mahya     : "Great! Do you mind if I be your chairmate?"

Fathia      : "Of course no! I will be happy if you be my chairmate! By the way, where…

All About Me

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Mahyana Mairubi Kencana. You can call me Mahya, Mah, or May. I born in Serang, 23 of March 2002. I live in Intendan street number 41-H, KPAD, Gegerkalong, Bandung.

I live with my mother, father, and my two older brothers. Actually, I have one older sister and four older brothers. But, my sister was married. So, now she live in Pekalongan.

My two brothers is not living with me. One of them is study at Depok, so he live in there. And another one is study at Krida Nusantara and live at dorm.

Okay, let's move to another topic.

I was study in TK Kartika XV-VI in Jakarta. And when I graduate, my family and I moved to Bandung. I studied in SDN Sukarasa 3,4. At first, I have a problem with language. But now, I think it's not hard as at first I moved to Bandung.

Now, I'm student of SMAN 3 Bandung. It is AMAZING!
I'm very happy to know that, 'cause SMAN 3 Bandung is the most favourite school in Bandung.

Uhm, yeah.
Can we talk about m…